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Ring Steward Information
This page was last updated: August 31, 2018
Ring Steward

A judge's assistant who is tasked with coordinating the logistics of getting the exhibitors and their dogs into and out of the rings efficiently. Stewards check in the exhibitors, answer questions about ring procedures, call in the classes, prepare the ribbons and trophies for distribution, and maintain their own marked catalogs as back-up documentation for official placements. Stewards are responsible for the smooth operation of their rings, and the comfort of the judges they are assigned to assist.
AKC Breed List

All Breed Dog Shows are organized around Dog Breed Groups. This a link to a list of all the AKC breeds shorted alphabetically by all breeds and by group.
Table/Ramp Breed List  - AKC verion

Table/Ramp Breed List - Mike's version

At All Breed Dog Shows, smaller breeds are examined by the judge on a table. Intermediate sizes are examined on a ramp at the desgression of the Judge. This link lists table and ramp breeds.
Ring Steward Checklist

This checklist of ring steward duties for Confirmation events gives a quick view into the tasks that keep a ring running smoothly. Many steward organizations assign two stewards; an inside ring and outside ring steward.
The Mission City Stewards Club has specific ways the inner and outer ring stewards books are marked. The specific instructions and examples are available in the members section link on the home page.
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