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   Mission City Stewards Club, Inc.
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Training Leader:  
    Debby Wood
This page was last updated: March 16, 2019
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The Mission City Stewards Club, Inc. (MCSC) is a professional service club, providing dog show ring steward services. Business is conducted under contract, both with sponsoring dog fancy organizations, and with MCSC membership. The organization is based in San Antonio Texas, with membership and contract steward services throughout Texas.

MCSC has grown to an active membership of over 80 trained professionals, entirely through word of mouth and public exposure at dog shows. Our membership hails from all over Texas, so if you are interested, check out the Members Pages link to the left.

Email us if you are interested in becoming a steward with MCSC.         Next Training is planned for June 2019

Ring Steward

A judge's assistant who is tasked with coordinating the logistics of getting the exhibitors and their dogs into and out of the rings efficiently. Stewards check in the exhibitors, answer questions about ring procedures, call in the classes, prepare the ribbons and trophies for distribution, and maintain their own marked catalogs as back-up documentation for official placements. Stewards are responsible for the smooth operation of their rings, and the comfort of the judges they are assigned to assist.
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President:              Pat Knutson

Vice President:     Debby Wood

Treasurer:              Robert Stein

Recording              Donna Stein
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Corresponding      Corky Turner     Secretary:              (210) 317-7356

Board Members:   Loma Foster
                                 Kathy Krnavek
    Gacie Truner
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